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About us

Welcome to AJ Legal Services. Our passionate team of legal professionals is ready to provide high-quality guidance to our valued clients. We proudly offer a wide range of legal services, with particular expertise in immigration law. Our deep-rooted commitment to your well-being sets us apart. We aim to keep you fully informed and supported throughout the legal process. Our multilingual team guarantees clear communication without language barriers. At AJ Legal Services we believe in accessibility, affordability and transparency for everyone. Whether you are an individual or represent an organization, our dedicated team delivers tailor-made solutions. At AJ Legal Services you are central. Contact us today with legal issues; we look forward to supporting you in protecting your rights and interests.


At AJ Legal Services we strive to provide a comprehensive and versatile range of legal services to meet all your needs. Our experienced team of legal professionals is ready to guide and advise you in various legal areas. Furthermore, we understand the importance of clear communication, which is why we offer our services in multiple languages. Our multilingual capacity allows us to communicate effectively in languages such as Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, English, Languages of Eritrea and Ethiopia among others, Tigrinya and Amharic. This diversity allows us to ensure open and understandable communication, so that you feel fully supported during every step of your legal journey.

At AJ Legal Services we understand that every case is unique and deserves a specific approach.

Our team advises and supports you with questions about work, income, education, upbringing, housing, leisure, integration, participation and integration. What makes AJ Legal Services unique is our flexibility in services. We meet with clients at locations that suit them better, whether at home, at work or elsewhere. With AJ Legal Services you not only receive legal advice, but also tailor-made social support. We are there to guide and support you, wherever and whenever you need us.


Please feel free to contact us for further information or a personal conversation. We look forward to helping you with your legal and social issues.


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Discover the world of limitless possibilities with AJ! In collaboration with Tulop Marketing Company, we actively participate in various international events.

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